Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Year in Hyderabad

ki chaap
phaadu chicken
Maggi before dinner

These are just some of the words which come to my mind as soon as I think of 2012... My year in Hyderabad... When I moved here in late 2011, I was immediately engulfed in a world full of BENGALIS... lol. I remember the first party I attended. It was Dipanjan's bday. And there were like 15 people speaking jibber jabber and me not understanding a single word. It was funny. But I soon realized this would be my life here.

So I moved in with Sayantan and Dipanjan (best flatmates I think considering I did not even know Dipanjan and had only spent a few months with Sayantan in Bangalore). First few months were all about partying till late, Sayantan's antics (well they have still not finished), and fun. I remember telling Neha ("I am so cool and you are so uncool"... rofl).

 Booze flows almost every night in our premises. But these are also the times when maximum activiteez takes place. In hindsight, almost all bakar sessions have been held in our house while drinking. Dipanjan was our cook. I would like to mention here that Dipanjan's nose is special. He needs to add all the masalas in the food just so that he can smell them even if they taste horrible. We have an inside joke that one day we will have toiler cleaner also in our food. :) We used to be served maggi at 11 in the night and dinner at 4 in the early morning hours :). I do not remember ever eating so much of chicken/mutton ever in my life as the amount I have consumed in the past year. Also all this food gets cooked in a 12 liter cooker and 16 liter kadhai. And the amazing part. Everything gets finished!!! But after much thought we finally decided to keep a cook.

Not stealing the limelight from Sayantan here. He is the laadla of our house. One look at his room and everyone will understand. He has a child's heart. Myntra, fashionandyou, fetise, have had so much business from our house. As per recent estimates, total goods ordered must be more than 1 lac. Online shopping is a craze in our household. From vegetables to clothes, perfumes, shoes, anything and everything has been bought online. But Sayantan takes the cake, sorry I meant chicken :D. His fondness for chicken can be rivaled only by Dipanjan's drinking and my endless tv series shows.

Then comes to mind Soumya's culinary skills. Man he knows how to cook. And then Ankita. His better half. There marriage was as surprising to us as I guess three months before it to them :). I guess it happens in a love marriage... The food wars at their house are awesome if not legendary/epic. I have eaten some of the best home cooked food while at their place. And Soumya is a hurricane when he is in the kitchen. Some of the best intellectual discussions happen when Soumya has been around.

Ahhh I forgot about Deloitte. Well its the place to be and not to be. Work is hectic, there is pressure, you learn loads, you are appreciated (not always), loads of parties, corporate crap and in the end you somehow wishing for something more. I guess this summarizes my life here.

Had awesome trips through out the year. Attended my cousin's wedding in Mathura, met Harsh after 3 years in delhi, visited belum caves - an awesome road trip and spent new year in goa and it turned out to be a blast...

Neha and me decided to make it formal, our parents agreed (hers after much cajoling), she left for US to complete her MBA, skype chats. This sums it up.

And finally my year of gadgets... bb playbook, new laptop, bose headphones, and galaxy note II (bday gift).

 All in all I would not mind if happiness touches me all my life like it did in 2012!!!

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